Apples, Pineapples & Oranges ...

Choosing electricity plans in Texas is not apples-to-apples, it's more like "apples, pineapples and oranges" according to the NBC5 news story in the video clip above.  The average residential electricity consumer is faced with many variables, confusing fees and too many choices.  Even advanced math students at the University of Texas at Arlington had trouble making sense of it all. 

While we don't think you need to understand calculus to figure out your lowest cost plan, it does take an understanding of tricky fees (minimun usage fees, usage credits, etc) and knowledge of delivery rates and fees.  Then if you have time to plug in your individual 12 months of usage into tens or hundreds of plans, you can finally determine your best electric plan.

If you want to save yourself the electric plan brain-freeze described above, let Energy Choice Experts do this work for you.  Provide us with your 12 months of usage, and we'll do the rest.  Our one-time $35 dollar fee is less than many folks spend on Starbucks in a month, and we'll potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year.