Sample ECE Energy Analysis

Shown below is a sample of the email you will receive when ordering your personalized Energy Choice Experts Analysis. Your email will arrive within 24 hours of your order, and you will need to take action quickly (1 or 2 days) as the plans change frequently and may change or expire soon after we send the analysis.

Each plan provided in the analysis includes the necessary information for you to evaluate and enroll in the plan: the phone number, a web link to the Electricity Facts Label (EFL), and a web link to the sign-up page (be sure to note the exact name of the plan). 

Why doesn’t ECE do the enrollment work for you? Glad you asked. Retail electric providers require your social security number to enroll in a new plan, and, because Energy Choice Experts values our customers’ confidential information, we choose not to store this sensitive, personal data electronically.

When calculating your Lowest Annual Cost Analysis, we compare all annual plans and provide the 3 lowest cost options. Because we know many Texans want to be environmentally responsible, we also provide the 3 lowest cost options for 100% Renewable Plans. In the sample below, the extra annual cost for 100% renewable energy is $77. For some, this may be reasonable and for others this may be too much. We provide the analysis and let the customer decide.

We give you multiple options for several reasons, including: a previous bad experience with a provider, poor customer service ratings, or plans that require terms you do not want such as paperless billing, electronic bank drafts, or large deposits.

Dear Customer,

The results are in! Energy Choice Experts has prepared your personal, lowest annual electric cost analysis.  The Annual Cost of the plans based on your usage range from $1,460.00 to $2,706.00 per year.

Lowest Annual Cost - All Energy Plans
# Estimated Annual Cost Company Plan Name Phone Number
1 $1,460.00 Gexa Energy My Choice Plus 12 866-329-4392
2 $1,517.00 Discount Power Prime Plus - 12 866-854-7776
3 $1,521.00 Source Power & Gas LLC Source Secure Fixed 12 888-557-0065
Lowest Annual Cost - 100% Renewable Plans
# Estimated Annual Cost Company Plan Name Phone Number
1 $1,537.00 Breeze Energy LLC Breeze 12 - 100% pure. 100% Green. 100% Texas Wind 855-391-9463
2 $1,631.00 Discount Power Clean Plus - 12 866-854-7776
3 $1,656.00 Source Power & Gas LLC Source Green 12 888-557-0065

We determined your estimated annual cost by entering your actual 12 month historical consumption into our model containing all of the 12-month-fixed-rate electricity offers in your service area. The table shows the calculated results—your three lowest annual cost plans in two categories: (1) all energy plans, and (2) 100% renewable plans. 

Although we always recommend that you choose the lowest cost plan for your renewable preference, we provide the 3 lowest cost plans for additional options and price comparison.

FINAL 5-10 MINUTE STEP TO START SAVING MONEY: Contact your new electricity company and enroll! Sooner is better as all plan rates are subject to change until you are enrolled and locked into the published rate. Simply decide which plan you want, either click the company name to go to the website or call the phone number, and follow directions for enrolling. Be sure to specify the plan name listed and provide them with your ESI ID 1044372000xxxxxxx. You need not contact your former electric provider — your new electric provider cancels your former plan for you.  If the contract with your current provider will expire in the next 14 days or has already expired, your current provider cannot charge you a cancellation fee.
Thank you for your business,

Scott and Greg

  • Estimated annual costs do not include state or local taxes, reimbursement of the state miscellaneous gross receipts tax or PUC Tax, or other non-recurring amounts charged by the TDSP or any other government entity.
  • The annual cost may change if there are changes in Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) charges, changes to the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas or Texas Regional Entity administrative fees charged to loads; or changes resulting from federal, state, or local laws or regulatory actions that impose new or modified fees or costs.
  • Cost estimates are based on your 12 month historical usage and may not be representative of your future usage. These estimates may change for reasons including, but not limited to, the following: differences in weather, number of people living in your home, purchase of more efficient appliances, and other changes to personal usage patterns.
  • Energy Choice Experts is not responsible for changes to pricing plans made after the results have been provided to you.  We recommend you enroll in a plan immediately to lockin the rates in the fact sheet provided.
  • Energy Providers change their plans as well as the links to their Fact Sheets and Enrollment sites frequently.  If you do not enroll immediately, the links in this e-mail may not work.  If you encounter a bad link from this message, please contact us and we will provide you with an updated link.
  • Energy Choice Experts is not responsible for any termination fees with your current provider.