Since deregulation of energy in Texas in 2002, the number of electric providers have increased dramatically, each offering multiple plan options. There are over 40 retail electric providers and more than 125 twelve-month electric plans in the Dallas area alone! It’s no wonder choosing an electricity plan has become a complicated, overwhelming task for many consumers.

The Texas Public Utility Commission created the Power to Choose website to give consumers the power to choose the smartest electricity plan. However, electricity providers have turned this into the power to confuse by posting complicated plan structures that offer attractive rates that may only apply a few months of the year.

The Power to Choose website lists hundreds of plan options, each with a different $/kWh rate for three levels of average usage. A consumer can estimate his average usage and choose the plan with the lowest $/kWh rate for that average, but this does not mean the plan will result in the lowest cost for the consumer. Most of the plans have hidden penalty fees for not meeting a minimum monthly usage requirement, or exceeding or failing to reach the predicted average usage in a month.

ENERGY CHOICE EXPERTS developed the tools and strategies that allow our customers to BEAT THE ELECTRIC PROVIDERS AT THEIR OWN GAMEs

Energy Choice Experts offers a better way to choose your electricity plan. We take the hassle, confusion, and uncertainty out of the process and save you money.

Lowest Annual Cost Electricity
  • We decipher all 12-month fixed rate plans on PowerToChoose so you don't have to review hundreds of energy plans.
  • We use your actual 12-month energy usage to calculate your annual cost for every plan, taking into account fees and exceptions.
  • We compare energy costs using a meaningful measurement - your annual electricity cost - rather than complicated $/kWh rates contingent on estimated average usage marketed by other online services.
  • We give you the results of our detailed analysis: the energy plans with the lowest annual cost for you, including options for 100% renewable energy.
  • We are an independent company that works for YOU. Our recommendations are not influenced in any way by electricity providers.  Other online services are paid by the electric providers represented on their websites and those costs are passed on to you in the form of a higher rate.

Just as you trust an accountant to prepare your taxes and an attorney to write your will, trust the energy experts to select the best electricity plans for you.

It's that simple.


We will work as your personal consultant to provide you with the lowest annual cost energy choice based on your personal consumption profile.  You can rely on us year after year to stay on top of the details in all offers and help you manage the best options for your energy needs.

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.
— Benjamin Franklin