How Do We Beat the Electric Providers?

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They advertise artificially low rates at 500, 1,000, or 2,000/kWh so they rank higher on the website. We decipher all plans and find lowest annual cost based on your actual usage. Rates from providers may be drastically different if you don't use exactly 500, 1,000 or 2,000/kWh each month.
They push consumers to sign up for renewal contracts in advance of expiration. We recommend consumers change providers each year. The lowest rates are posted on and are only introductory rates. Your renewal rate will be higher and not posted on the PTC page.
High pressure salespeople knock on doors or make phone calls. We will never knock on your door or call you. We rely on our satisfied customers to spread the word about our service.
They offer variable rates that can increase at any time. We recommend fixed rates because variable rates can jump dramatically without warning when you least expect it.
They offer some plans that require pre-payment and charge a higher rate. Pre-payment plan rates are higher than normal plans and we do not recommend them.
They offer time-of-use or free night/weekend rate offers which may sound good...but are they? We do not recommend time-of-use and free night/weekend offers unless you plan to actively manage your daily use of electricity. While some hours are low and/or free, the high rates during the other hours usually more than offset the savings during those periods.