See how Energy Choice Experts saves the average customer over $300 per year on electricity.

Many consumers in Texas use the website to choose their electricity providers.  The following screen shots from PowerToChoose show the lowest advertised 12 month rates on November 1, 2015:

powertochoose 1000kWh
powertochoose 2000kWh

PowerToChoose lets consumers filter their results by "estimated use."  The first screen was filtered by the lowest rate for estimated use of 1,001-2,000 kWh, and the second screen was filtered by the lowest rate for estimated use greater than 2,000 kWh.  Notice the significant difference in the two plan rates for 1,000 kWh or 2,000 kWh average usage.

Looking at the rate plans many consumers would select the plan with the lowest rates shown above. However, these rates are effective only if you use exactly 1,000 kWh or 2,000 kWh. If you use slightly more or less than the exact amounts in any month your effective rate will often increase significantly, which will increase your overall cost.  Many retail electric providers have figured out how to game the system and make their plans look very attractive.

The Energy Choice Experts model deciphers all of the rate plans and weeds through any tricks played by the electric providers. Instead of making a decision using the lowest rate based on an average usage, our model focuses on the lowest annual cost. This is determined by taking your actual 12 month historical usage and generating the expected cost for every plan.  The ECE method is the only real way to be sure you are paying the least for your electricity. 

The example below shows how Energy Choice Experts provides consumers with the lowest annual cost plan and the typical annual savings our customers are realizing.

Using we graphed the monthly cost for three different rate plans using 12 months historical average usage determined by the Texas Public Utility Commission:

  • Rate Plan 1 - lowest rate plan for average 1,000 kWh usage
  • Rate Plan 2 - lowest rate plan for average 2,000 kWh usage
  • Rate Plan 3 - ECE recommended plan based on our lowest annual cost model

Annual Electricity Cost ($)

Rate and annual cost data for the graph above is summarized in the table below:

Energy Choice Experts Lowest Annual Cost Electricity

On the website, ECE's recommended plan may have been overlooked because the 1,000 kWh rate and the 2,000 kWh rate are both higher than what is shown to be the lowest rate at that usage level.  Many customers may have chosen the other plans based on the low rate, but they would end up spending an additional $300 per year.  Don't be fooled by these tricks - ECE is here to help!

Energy Choice Experts provides you with the lowest annual cost and all the savings go to your bottom line!