ECE vs One Big Switch

Recently One Big Switch ran a marketing campaign in Dallas area promising to "unlock exclusive group discounts" on electricity because they had over 25,000 members.

The industry term for this is aggregation. Many HOAs have tried aggregation for 300-500 homeowners. Fundamentally, aggregation sounds attractive, but does it save money? We put One Big Switch to the test.

We compared the total annual cost of the One Big Switch plan to the plans in our database for every customer for the past month. On average, their plan was listed as the 18th Lowest Annual Cost plan and their best showing was 12th place. In other words, we identified at least 11 lower cost plans than the One Big Switch plan for every customer. More importantly, our customers saved an average of $204.00 by choosing our recommended plan over theirs!

Don't be fooled by companies marketing low rates through volume negotiations. Our proven Lowest Annual Cost process is the best way to save money on electricity.