Lowering the Boom on XOOM ...Energy

Power to Choose is the official state website where most, but not all, retail electric providers post their electric plans for Texas residential customers to review and is our primary source for available plans in Texas. One electric provider that does not post their plans on Power to Choose is XOOM Energy.

Energy Choice Experts reviewed the current plans from XOOM and want to let you know why you SHOULD NOT choose a plan from XOOM Energy.  We went on their website, entered our north Texas zip code, and pulled up their "featured" 12 month plan, the RescueLock 12 Unbundled. In a large font, they say their rate is $0.0489/kWh, which sounds really good....until we looked into the details.

XOOM posted their energy rate only, without including the Oncor delivery charges. In order to understand the real cost, we reviewed the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). When adding in the $4.99 monthly fee from XOOM, the $5.25 monthly fee from Oncor, and the $.03286/kWh distribution rate from Oncor, the the actual cost is $0.092/kWh when using 1,000 kWh's. That's almost double the advertised rate!

Additionally, before even getting to the EFL, they try to draw you in by letting you know that 5% of your monthly energy charges will be donated to PetSmart Charities. If you really would like to donate money to PetSmart Charities, let Energy Choice Experts show you plans that are 30%-40% cheaper than XOOM's energy rate. Then you can give 5%, 10% or more of your energy charges to PetSmart, and you'll still save money over XOOM's plan.

Energy Choice Experts is here to decipher tricks like this and make your electricity choice simple.