TXU Energy Season Pass - NO PASS HERE!

TXU is marketing their Season Pass plan again. They say on their website and commercials that it is "back by popular demand" and you "get 50% off all winter and summer long".  The Energy Choice Experts find no reason that this plan should be popular with anyone except TXU because they get a big profit margin when customers foolishly sign up for this plan.

We originally reviewed this horrible plan in detail on January 14, 2017. You can read the original post here.

Upon our review of the resurrected Season Pass, we find that it's still a lump of coal in anyone's Christmas stocking.  We used one of the Experts' own usage profile to check this plan and here's how the monthly costs look graphically:

Monthly Cost: TXU Season Pass VS ECE Lowest Cost Plan

Total annual cost of each plan:  TXU = $2187 and ECE = $1067

In summary, the TXU advertises 50% off in winter and summer, but in reality, the annual cost of their plan is 2X the lowest annual cost plans available.  We are 100% confident that we could run any usage profile through our model and come up with numerous plans that will cost you much less than TXU's Season Pass.

Too many folks are taken advantage of by tag lines that advertise "50% off" or "free nights/weekends", and these gimmicks will cost you every time.

The Energy Choice Experts are here to serve our customers' best interest.  We remain committed to being independent and unbiased so we can help our fellow Texans find the lowest annual cost electric plan.