When does a $750 Bonus from TXU cost you over $1,000?

TXU Texas Choice 24 Plan

One of our Dallas area clients recently received a letter from TXU offering a bonus of $750 ($375/year for 2 years) if she signed up for their Texas Choice 24 plan. She asked Energy Choice Experts to take a look and see how good of a deal it was (or wasn't).

We found the details of the Texas Choice 24 plan on-line and calculated the two year cost at $4,028 based upon her annual usage of 17,248 kWh. When you consider the bonus of $750, her final cost is $3,278 or $1,639/year.

Next, we ran her usage in the Energy Choice Experts model and found an annual plan that would cost $1,120/year, which would save her $1,038 or $519/year compared to the Texas Choice 24 plan.

Even more shocking, we discovered that 83% of the annual plans in her area (Oncor) have a lower annual cost than the TXU Texas Choice 24 plan. In other words, if she were to throw a dart at a list of available annual plans, she'd have an 83% chance of hitting a plan with a lower annual cost than the TXU Texas Choice 24 plan!

This is just another example of how electricity companies use deceptive marketing to trick Texans into paying too much for electricity. The promise of a $750 bonus enticed our client to sign up for the TXU plan. Luckily she contacted us first. Energy Choice Experts looks at the annual cost of plans in order to give our clients a true apples-to-apples comparison of electricity plans.

Don't take chances on on your electricity costs - let the Expert do the work for you.