How Much Would You Pay for 100% Renewable Electricity?

Many people's perception of renewable (aka green) power is that it comes at a much higher cost. Just a year or two before we created the Energy Choice Experts Lowest Annual Cost model in 2015, 100% renewable electricity was often priced $200 per year or greater than "brown" power. This price differential was enough to keep many Texans from choosing a green plan.

At ECE we know that cost may be the first priority for many consumers when choosing an electricity plan, so our company provides the overall plan with the Lowest Annual Cost for our customers based upon their unique usage history. However, many Texans also want to be good stewards of our planet, so we also list the lowest annual cost 100% renewable energy plan.

We have been pleased to see the premium for green electricity has been less than $50 per year for most of our customers the last few months. Some customers didn't pay any premium for green electricity!

How is this possible? Well, Texans should be proud that our state owns the largest amount of wind generation capacity in the country.  If Texas were considered a country, it would rank about 6th for wind generation.  

So if you're searching now for a new electric plan, consider going green. Who wouldn't choose a green plan if the cost was the same?