Smart Meter Texas™

Energy Choice Experts uses your last 12 months of energy usage to determine the lowest cost energy plan for you. If you have an existing Smart Meter Texas (SMT) account, you can authorize Energy Choice Experts to pull your usage data.  Once you provide ECE with your authorization code, we will provide your lowest annual cost analysis within 24 hours.

After you log in to your SMT account, click on "My Profile" in the green menu bar and then follow the three steps below to find your authorization code.  Once you have the authorization code, enter it in the box at the bottom of this page, along with the email address used for your SMT account.

  • Step 1 - Once in My Profile, click on the "Manage Account Authorization" button
  • Step 2 - In the Manage Account Authorization menu find your Account Authorization code and provide it to ECE exactly as it appears (it is case sensitive)
  • Step 3 - Enter your email address and Account Authorization Code
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