The founders of Energy Choice Experts have dedicated their careers to reducing costs for Fortune 500 companies.  They have extensive experience analyzing complicated proposals and negotiating contracts with large corporations and small privately owned companies for both energy and non-energy commodities.

They saw a need to bring their analytical skills to the Texas residential electric market due to the complicated contracts and confusing energy plans offered by numerous electric providers.  Energy Choice Experts was founded with the primary goal of providing an independent, low cost service dedicated to finding customers' Lowest Annual Electric cost.

Greg Steagall

Greg has over 25 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies in Accounting, Finance, and Procurement roles and has been in the Energy Industry most of his career. Greg is currently the Director of Energy Procurement for Dean Foods in Dallas, TX. Greg has a Finance Degree from Texas A&M University.

Scott Hundley

Scott has worked for Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX for over 27 years in Purchasing and Logistics roles.  Scott is currently an Engineering Services Procurement Manager for Texas Instruments. Scott has a BSIE from Bradley University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.


Everyone's Energy Choice Experts LLC is registered in the State of Texas and does business as Energy Choice Experts