Smart Meter Texas™

If you don't have your last 12 months of energy usage, you can authorize Energy Choice Experts to get if from Smart Meter Texas following the steps below.  These four simple steps can be completed within the same day.

Details and screen shots below will help walk you through the required steps:

  • Step 1 - ECE will begin the set-up of your personal Smart Meter Texas account by initiating an Energy Data Agreement between you and ECE.  The data you provided to set up your ECE account is all we need for this step.
  • Step 2 - Smart Meter Texas will send an "Energy Data Agreement Invitation" email to you at the email address you provided ECE.  Near the bottom of the email you must click on "Register for an SMT Account".
  • Step 3 - Selecting "Register for an SMT Account" will direct you to Smart Meter Texas website to complete the set-up.  You will create a username and provide the additional information requested.
  • Step 4 - After you complete Step 3, SMT will send you an email with a temporary password.  You must log in with the temporary password and then set up your permanent password.

Once Step 4 is complete Energy Choice Experts will receive notice from SMT that our Energy Data Agreement is active, and we can then download your 12 month historical usage. Your lowest annual cost report will be received within one business day after we download your usage.

Step 2 screenshot:

Step 4 screenshot:

SMT screen2-login v3.png